Regular / Vision Papers

The annual International Workshop on Data Engineering Meets the Semantic Web (DESWeb) aims at bringing together researchers from two research communities: Semantic Web and databases. The workshop follows the hypothesis that semantic issues of Web data bring a fresh view to the solid and established world of classical databases and vice versa. Furthermore, the foundations and techniques in databases can help addressing the challenges posed by semantic data at web scale.

The 6th version of the DESWeb workshop will be held in Seoul, Korea in co-location with the annual ICDE conference (as in previous years). The main goal of DESWeb is to be a place for lively discussion of ideas and future work. This is why DESWeb particularly welcomes research and vision papers that bring together ideas and techniques from these two fields and show the potential and mutual benefits of such an approach. The main objective of vision papers is to start a discussion on difficult and open problems or outline visions of future systems and approaches.

We invite submissions of research results, ongoing projects, and original ideas (6 pages) in the following areas, but at the same time we welcome any original idea that might cross the boundaries among these areas or that go into novel directions:

  • Structured data on the Web
  • Ontologies and data integration
  • Scalable triple stores and query processing
  • Semantic search
  • Linked data and entity resolution
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Reasoning over Web data and services
  • Semantic authoring and crowdsourcing
  • Provenance and trust in Web data
  • Distributed query processing and optimization
  • Data quality, profiling, and uncertainty
  • Data freshness and updates
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery

We additionally welcome vision papers (3 pages) that present radical new ideas as well as late-breaking results in the intersection of Semantic Web and databases.

See the submission guidelines for details on how to submit your paper.

For issues related to the workshop, you can contact the workshop chairs using their e-mail addresses and writing [DESWeb-Request] in the subject of your email.